Legal Notice

Information to the general public:
Company FIMIC Srl has officially presented a NEW patent application related to the RAS automatic and continuous melt filter, working with either punched screens or screens perforated via other drilling techniques, with drilled holes’ diameter ranging between 50 and 1000 micron (μm).

As the innovation, research and reliability of each single component, which made FIMIC’s melt filters a success in the market, are strategic to the Company’s activity, FIMIC Srl announces that it won’t tolerate any whatever imitation and/or copying of FIMIC’s products, or any components thereof, that enter within FIMIC’s patented protections and will therefore prosecute every illicit activity of any type for guaranteeing its rights and interest, as well as the interest of its clients or potential clients.

Any concerned Party is therefore invited to respect the intellectual property of all FIMICSrl’s designed creations, to avoid any legal action that FIMIC Srl will certainly undertake towards any copying and/or imitation of its Products.

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