Fimic Srl

Il Sole 24 ore 9th June 2018

FIMIC, a constantly-growing, family-run company that manufactures automatic melt filters that are one of a kind in the world to decontaminate plastic waste

Great celebrations were held at the PLAST 2018 Trade Fair (Fiera Milano Rho) for the 55th anniversary (1963/2018) of the Carmignano di Brenta based company, that has reached the third generation since its foundation and which is present, with its revolutionary product, on all global markets


FIMIC, is based in the Veneto region, in the central part of the north-east of Italy and it was founded way back in 1963 as a purely mechanical engineering company which then, over time, moved on to operating within the recycling sector. In 1996, FIMIC entered the world of recycling, in 1997 it installed its first backflush and the following year, scraping activities finally came into force. Today, it is a unique, internationallypatented product that is technologically updated year by year, and its name is Continuous, Automatic, Self-Cleaning Melt Filter.

With Antonio in the Production department, Rosanna in the Administration department and Erica Canaia as sales manager in charge of the several sole and multi-firm agents working worldwide, the family represents the classic model of result optimisation.

FIMIC, that has 15 highly-professional employees, has exceeded the 5 million Euro turnover target, it has a strong, recognised presence both throughout Europe and America and it boasts the unparalleled record of over 200 installed, up and running machines.

In 2015, it established a new laboratory where recycling and extrusion tests and it supplies machines that are tailor-made to fulfil every single need.

Customer satisfaction always remains its primary objective.

The production plant will also be doubled and extension works are also in progress in the facilities situated next to the current headquarters.


It is one of its kind in the world. With only one machine, it is possible to filter contaminated plastic material using a scraping and backflush system. The FIMIC automatic melt filter eliminates impurities of up to 80 micron, it can bear a maximum temperature of 300° and a maximum pressure rating of 220 bar without degrading the material treated. The extruder pushes the contaminated plastic into the melt filter, where the steel filter chosen by the customer, purifies the material. These are products that have been tailor-made for the customer, that could be either a large or small private enterprise, or a municipal undertaking.

In fact, the machine can be integrated into a recycling line consisting of several equipment and it can be adapted to the customer’s specific line, also according to the type of plastic treated, that can range from the common PET bottle, packaging, up to plastic waste coming from the automotive industry.


On 31st May, at the PLAST 2018 Trade Fair that took place at Fiera Milano Rho, the 55th anniversary of the company were held. A crowd of customers/friends, amounting to approximately 200 people, drank a toast in the large 2-floor stand that the third generation of the Canaia family had set-up inside the trade fair exhibition area. The most recent FIMIC machine was also presented that, thanks to its advanced yet simple technology, was welcomed with enthusiasm by the attending public.