Fimic Srl


The FIMIC screen changer is adapted to Customer´s needs.
Options are various:



Touch screen or not

As you prefer

Operation is granted by switches or touch screen, basing on Customer´s preferences. The electrical cabinet can either be installed directly on the filter, generally on the back side, or separately (next to other cabinets). The touch screen can either be assembled on a movable stand or directly on the electrical cabinet.


Discharge valve

Depending on materials

The most common, simple and always reliable valve is air-operated. For some difficult waste types we can also use an oil-operated valve. These choices are based on Customer´s material(s); the filter´s performance, however, does not change.


Filter cover

Based on Customer´s timings

Screen changing operation tooks, normally, not more than 30 minutes; this timeframe can be even reduced to 5 minutes, thanks to the new automatic cover presented at Fakuma 2015 which can be installed on each new FIMIC screen changer.



Based on extruder´s connection

Basing on each Customer´s extruder and pelletizer, the filter´s flanges are adapted in a way that the screen changer, once arrived on site, only needs to be inserted and heated for operation.


some examples

Customised is beautiful