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The first Fimic NET

The first FIMIC NET screen changer that allows to filter with metallic mesh either in continuous or pressure mode.
Not only the operator’s presence is unnecessary, but FIMIC is the only Supplier who can offer the most suitable filtration solutions, either with punched screens, laser screens, mesh screens or continuous mesh screen.
Basing on the materials to process, their contamination, the chosen filtration fineness, FIMIC manufactures (100% in its own premises) a complete range of automatic melt filters, all of them coming from one reliable Supplier.


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Definitely remarkable ones

  • No need for accumulation piston, thus avoiding gas inclusions in the final pellets.
  • No need for pre-set temperature (necessary to avoid breakage on the continuous mesh screen); the temperature is simply suited to your choice, basing on material type and characteristics.
  • No interruption of the material flow; avoiding material’s degradation or melt temperature increase.
  • The filtering surface of 1465 cm² allows low operational pressure, thus avoiding further material degradation.
  • Possibility to choose between continuous operation or pressure-based automatic modes, as well as adjustable speed for mesh screen change. Flexibility based on the materials to process.
  • The continuous mesh screen is available in the market with a minimum filtration of 80 µm / 170 mesh.
  • No need for modifications in the extruder software, being the screen changer completely independent while changing the mesh screen.
  • A safety scraper positioned near the mesh screen is removing the bigger pieces of contamination, thus avoiding screen breakages during screen change.
  • Fast opening times in case of need, not needing special tools or manual skills, as FIMIC also supplies the pneumatic screwdriver with the machine.