Fimic Srl


Automatic, self-cleaning, one and only

A screen changer which can handle any contamination types, with reduced losses and low maintenance costs, recognized as the cheapest in the market. Choosing the right screen changer is easy, just list:

  • the plastic material to be filtered;
  • extruder’s output production;
  • required filtration fineness (from 100 to 1500 µm are available);
  • Contamination (type & approx. percentage).
Screen diameter Active filtration area
325 mm 779 cm2
400 mm 1206 cm2
500 mm 1912 cm2
600 mm 2776 cm2
700 mm 3796 cm2


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How does it work?



Two blades scrape the contamination from the screen and the blade-holder collects internally the plastic material and contamination, which is then automatically discharged from the frontal valve.


Pressure-based operation

The pressure set-point is programmed on the touch screen; when this is reached, the blade-holder slowly starts to turn (rotation speed is adjustable) and collects internally the contamination, which is then discharge by the discharge valve only when the round is complete (so, not during cleaning). Also the discharge timeframe can be adjusted to limit the waste amount.


Continuous operation

In case of higher contamination levels the pressure-based operation is not enough. Just by turning a switch to continuous mode, the blade holder slowly scrapes continuously the screen’s surface. The discharge valve is then opened via a timer, which keeps the valve open for the set timeframe.



The same screen changer can also be operated in backflush mode if necessary, just by replacing the three components (of the scraping operation) with the ones for the backflushing operation, then switching to backflush mode on the touch screen.



Definitely remarkable ones

  • All filtration finenesses are available, thanks to the supply of both punched or laser screens. Punched screens (i.e. starting from 300 µm) can last from min. 3 days to one week, with peaks up to 15 days. With laser screens (100 to 300 µm), the proven lifetime is one week up to 12 days; these can be then cleaned (to be reused) in a pyrolytic oven up to 4 times, obtaining a daily operational cost worth 30 Euro.
  • The discharge valve is not a discharge screw! For this reason our Screen Changers can process any contamination types, including very aggressive / abrasive ones like steel or sand, or high contamination rates, with no damage to the filter screen or structure, with limited material losses, thanks to the regulation of valve opening timeframe. FIMIC screen changers are the most solid and robust available in the market.
  • The total filtering surface can be compared to no other; 5 available sizes, up to a total filtering surface of almost 4.000 cm², obtained with only 1 screen: this allows no material degradations due to high operational pressures as the screen changer does not create a “blocking wall” through the melt passage; on the contrary, the melt flows without obstacles. For this reason the extruder´s performance normally increases after the installation of a FIMIC screen changer.
  • Operator’s interference is reduced to a minimum: no need for an operator constantly at the filter to continuously change screens (in some cases every 2-3 minutes because of high contaminations).
  • The time needed by only one operator to change the screen does not exceed 30 minutes.