Automatic screen changersfor plastics

We’ve been designing and manufacturing self-cleaning, automatic melt filters for over twenty years, entirely in FIMIC facilities.

The deep level of expertise we reached in the field allows us guarantee our customers complete satisfaction and significant savings. Our aim is to improve the efficiency of your production line and the quality of your output, and we achieve that through a continuous optimization of our own production processes and timeframes. That is why our screen changers are peerless in the world, coming in various models and sizes to deal with any kind of material, contamination, and hourly throughput/filtration level needed.

If you choose us, our mission will be to grant you the ability to work more and better, optimizing your operational costs. Thus, the key features of our products are the time taken for screen changing, never exceeding 30 minutes, and the ability to operate unsupervised and still guarantee a top-quality output. Our screen changers are also extremely customizable: the technology is fitting to the customer’s needs, not the other way around! In FIMIC, every need has a solution. That is the feature all our screen changers have in common: be competitive in today’s market.


Time spent by a single operator changing a screen does not exceed 30 minutes. This translates into optimizing production and reducing downtimes.


Our filters do not require any operator’s intervention. Therefore, they allow a further optimization of the workflow while keeping high quality levels.


A wide range of screen changers is manufactured in FIMIC premises, accounting for any kind of plastics, contamination and filtration.


To further guarantee quality results and performances, customers are able to test each of our screen changers in our internal lab, to verify its results with different kinds of melt.