GEM the exclusive screen changer, bigger in the world

Challenges never scared us, and GEM was born right out of the most exciting and hard of them all: increase the hourly yield thanks to the presence of the largest filtering surface on the market. And achieving this with just two filter meshes! All the while allowing the processing of any level of melt contamination, with reduced waste and low maintenance costs.

These days there’s no end to the amount of material to be recycled, and yet is necessary to keep really high quality standards for the end product. That’s why we designed a really unique melt filter, representing the culmination of FIMIC technology and the expertise that made us filtration specialists, to always guarantee a truly excellent end product.

Because we like to think big!

The largest filtering surface using just two filters and two valves.

GEM combines the sheer power of RAS, FIMIC’s par excellence melt filter, with the idea behind the ERA double melt filter. The result is an exclusive technology that sums twin 600 filters, two scrapers and two valves, to create a combined filtering surface of 5600 cm2: world’s largest!

How does GEM work?

Differently from RAS, this model reaches a greater filtering surface due to the presence of two filtering meshes towards which all the melt is directed, alongside two scrapers and independent discharge valves.

The two blades scrape the contamination the filter collects, while the blade holder rakes it in to automatically eject it through the valve. The pressure mode can be set from the touch screen, while the blade holder rotating speed is adjustable and the valve only opens on a full cycle. In the event of a higher degree of contamination, a continuous mode is available to let the blade holder scrape continuously. In this case, a temporizer will tell the valve when to discharge.



There is nothing like GEM, the twin melt filter that works twice as much with is unmatched filtering surface, guaranteeing better results than anything else on the market.


Despite being the largest melt filter on the market, GEM’s spare parts are absolutely inexpensive, while the presence of just two filters allows for a cheaper starting investment.


This filtering surface surpasses even the biggest RAS, using just two filtering meshes! That is why with GEM your hourly yield will improve, reaching a surface greater than a RAS700.


To guarantee the best end product possible, the GEM melt filter is completely customizable to fit any need, according to the kind of melt to process, the target hourly yield, the kind of contamination and the microns of filtration.